I am sure we’ve all heard people say things like; “I was just about to cross the street, when suddenly God asked me not to”. We might have found ourselves asking questions like, ‘did he really hear God speak, or does he just mean he felt led to do something’. Yes prophets like Samuel heard the actual voice of God, and so do a growing number of ‘ordinary’ people I know. However if you are like me – not for long though – and it’s not a voice thingy for you, but you feel like you are doing everything you can to get there, statements like the one above can leave you with the kind of envy you might feel if your love interest was getting cozy with someone else. Everyone can get there and these people didn’t get there by chance. But before the rest of us get catch up, there are decisions to take and having a decent means of determining Gods will is essential, to say the very least. Below is a list of helpful ways to do so.

The Word Factor: Basically the fact that the bulk of what our Pops will want to tell us is in His word. This is the primary means by which our father communicates His will to us. Nothing He says to us personally will contradict His word. Engage in daily bible study and prayer and He will be speaking to you on a consistent basis. You will be amazed as to how relevant the reading for the day will be to your peculiar situation.

The Pneumatic Factor: The question to ask in this case is this; what special gifts, talents, feelings (peculiar to me) have my Father given me?? Often God will relate to you in line with these things. The fact for instance that some find inspiration on quiet mountain tops while others find it in crowded market places illustrates this.

The Body Factor: God will often speak to us through our brothers/sisters in Christ. This is one key reason why fellowship is so vital. What you must realize however is that the message God will send your way via this route will often be in accordance with what He is already doing in your life, so maintenance of a close relationship with Him is key. A great illustration to this can be found in Acts 20:38, 21:4, 21:9-14. In this case Paul heard of the Lord through the brethren all right, but because he knew what God had been doing in his life, he was able to clearly place the word that was received and continued to Jerusalem despite the warnings.

Finally, what’s Christianity without faith? After all how many of us have seen God; …anyone?………I didn’t think so. The fact of the matter is some issues aren’t a clear case of right or wrong and a step of faith is inevitable. It helps to say a quick prayer, being totally honest with God and telling Him we are a little confused. We can then tell Him we are attributing our decision to what we feel He is leading us to do. That results in the ball firmly in His court. An ideal situation don’t you think?