A town crier calls out in the streets, ringing his bell to catch attention, his words equally ringing, “Have you heard the Good News? The Gospel saves!”

What is this Gospel? How is it Good News?

All kinds of people come hither to inquire. A mother with one too many kids, expecting another. A farmer who has tilled his cracked land hoping that it will finally rain so that he could finally harvest his dying crops- he has many mouths to feed. A rich man who has too much money yet lacks happiness and love. A harlot who is never satisfied but does not know what she needs. A teenager uncertain about his identity and cannot seem to find his place. A daughter who wants more than what society has defined as her destiny. A thief who wants to change his ways yet does not know how. A blind boy who wants to see why an orange is orange and the sky, blue. Yet others are too doubtful to draw nigh.
These examples cannot fully account for everybody. But the Gospel does. They have all been factored in. Without knowing it, they have been accounted for. Provisions have been made. Redemption freely gifted.

The Gospel, also known as the Good News, is considered as the foundation of Christianity.
It is not a list of do’s and don’ts that one is required to religiously live by.
It is not something that has to be annoyingly shoved down your throat.
You see, most people tend to box in the Gospel. They tend to see only one side to the story. They try to put limitations and boundaries on something that cannot be chained.
The Gospel entails more than just words written in 4 books, more than just a cross, a crown of thorns and three nails.
The Gospel is life, love, freedom, healing, and truth.
They tried to kill it, destroy it, hide all evidence, and eliminate every trace. Funny enough, 3 days were all that were needed for a breakthrough.
They tried to bury it without knowing that it was a Seed for greatness. And it still is.
You need to believe it, live it, breathe it, walk by it, talk it, and dwell in it, to understand what exactly it is and what it does.

And what is so good about it?
It fills up that basket-like space that seems impossible to fill.
It fixes that utterly shattered heart.
It provides clarity.
It scares away the nightmares.
It opens one’s eyes.
It heals one’s wounds.
It transforms one’s life.
It changes one’s perspective and conditions.
It is free.

We are told of Christ’s gruesome death and glorious resurrection. But it does not end there, because there is more to it; our redemption, our death, our resurrection, our transformation and extraordinary call to restoration. The glory of righteousness attached to us. Perfection bestowed upon the imperfect. Grace, Hope, Faith, most importantly, Love.
The Gospel reveals our cure, our remedy. And the only way to believe it is to accept it.

Who in this world does not like to hear good news?
I know I do. And the Gospel tells me so.

“You can believe in whatsoever you like, but the truth remains the truth, no matter how sweet the lie may taste.”
Michael Bassey Johnson