Here are some stories James would’ve liked:-


There’s an extraordinary boy in this very country who decided to save 1/3 of the ‘pocket-money’ his parents gave him every week. One day, he saw the plea of a young boy who desperately needed funds to undergo a heart surgery and donated the sum which had become considerable over time, without further thought. The young boy was soon able to undergo the surgery that saved his life.


A young woman in her twenties, also in the location of the boy, was confounded by her uncanny passion for children. Her love drove her to start a home for children, taken from orphanages , streets and the like, where she used her income and donations from other kind-hearted people, to feed, clothe, and provide these children with an education, Her income, she obtains by making and selling beads. She now cares for over a 100 children.


Welcome to the book of James, an invaluable guide to practical living. Look at your face in the mirror. Now, look away. What do you look like? What you’ve just done describes one who is only a hearer of God’s word. (James 1:22-24)


Like the way we quickly forget our appearance, are we who hear God’s word and don’t do it. From Rahab the prostitute to Abraham the father of many, each person’s faith was made whole by their works. James message in James is: without works, our faith is dead. (James 2:14-26)


The book of James is simply one of many lessons: – profiting from trials, the futility of riches, the lethals of favouritism, the deadly tongue, the gutter called pride and the fountain named humility, judging, boasting, needs and saving a sinning brother.


Above all, the book of James teaches you don’t have to be extraordinary to write your story too (James 5:17-18). A little time at the orphanage, a show of kindness towards one who hurt and you could leave your own story too.


Finally, in your walk of faith, await your reward from the Lord like a farmer. He gently tills the earth and waits for the precious fruit, until it receives the early and later rains.